[ … The rooms are ingenious and have been carefully designed, they are, every single one of them, special and unique… ]

The hotel Casa Albertí has 7 rooms. All the rooms are spacious, quiet, cosy and enjoy natural daylight and ventilation. They all have a bathroom with shower. All rooms are air-conditioned, have central heating and a heated towel rail.

Our cleaning services run daily through all the rooms. As an energy-saving measure, sheets and towels will be replaced once every three days, unless you indicate otherwise.

In Casa Albertí we deliberately have no television, neither in the common areas nor in the rooms.

All the rooms and the common areas are smoke-free except the terrace and the courtyard, if there is nobody else, these are the areas where it is allowed to smoke.

Superior with patio

Superior due to other details, not just because of its design or style, but details which belong to this majestic manor house: polychromatic wooden beams, hydraulic tiles, original windows.


A room where one can breath the elegance of the rooms that keep the orginal floors and huge old glass Windows which give it the colonial touch of the indians houses. Flanked by


Classical and, without a doubt, a space we have reinvented especially for resting and enjoying the carpe diem moment or not, in the evening or a new start of the day.

Familiar Suite

Two, four, six, three, five persons, a couple or a family or a small tribe…


Pregúntanos lo que quieras, te responderemos lo antes posible.

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